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Victorian Literature

Abigail Burnham Bloom abiga52088@aol.com
English 373-01 Victorian Literature, Writing Intensive
Spring 2012 M, Th 2:45-4:00, Room 414 TH
Office Hours M 12-1 and By Appointment, 1436HW, Telephone 212.772.5771.

REQUIRED BOOKS (available at Hunter Bookstore and Shakespeare)
David Damrosch, ed., Vol. 2B The Victorian Age: The Longman Anthology of British Literature (4th ed.) although 2nd or 3rd edition can also be used (ISBN 0205655262)
Charles Dickens, David Copperfield (1850) (Norton Critical Edition, 1989; ISBN-10: 0393958280/ISBN-13: 978-0393958287)
Other readings will be available on Blackboard

To see the Victorian Age and its literature on a continuum with our own.
To be able to identify the techniques, styles, and themes of the major Victorian writers.
To understand how the concerns of the age (the past, religion, science, class, the place of women, colonialization) were explored within the genres of poetry, prose non-fiction, short story, novel, and play.

NOTE: Read the headnote for each author listed below!


M, 30 Introduction


Th, 2 Victorian Ladies and Gentlemen, 1520-1557
M, 6 Alfred, Lord Tennyson, "Mariana," "The Lady of Shalott," "Ulysses," 1179-85, 1189-91
Th, 9 Tennyson, from In Memoriam, 1205-1235
M, 13 No Class
Th, 16 Robert Browning, "Porphyria's Lover," "My Last Duchess," "Two in the Compagna," 1325-26, 1328-29, Matthew Arnold, "Dover Beach," and Response—"The Dover Bitch" 1562-63
M, 20 No Class
Tu, 21 (Monday Schedule) Elizabeth Barrett Browning, "The Cry of the Children," 1140-44; thesis for Paper #1
Th, 23 from Aurora Leigh, "Aurora's Education," 1158-62; Edward Fitzgerald, "The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám" (Blackboard)
M, 27 The Industrial Landscape, 1088-1113; Panel 1


Th, 1 Florence Nightingale, "Cassandra," 1510-19
M, 5 John Stuart Mill, "The Subjection of Women" and "Autobiography," 1121-38
Th, 8 Lewis Carroll, "Jabberwocky" and "Humpty Dumpty on Jabberwocky," 1721-22; Imagining Childhood, Web; Panel 2
M, 12 David Copperfield, 10-119 (ch. I to ch. X)
Th, 15 David Copperfield, 119-249 (ch. X to ch. XX)
M, 19 David Copperfield, 249-378 (ch. XX to ch. XXXI); Paper #1 due
Th, 22 David Copperfield, 378-511 (ch. XXXI to ch. XLII)
M, 26 David Copperfield, 511-642 (ch. XLII to LIII)
Th, 29 David Copperfield, 642-737 (ch. LIII to end); thesis for paper #2; Panel 3


M, 2 Midterm Examination
Th, 5 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, 1780-1804; to Dr. Lanyon's Narrative
M, 9 Spring Break
Th, 12 Spring Break
M, 16 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, 1804-1818; Panel 4
Th, 19 Christina Rossetti, "In an Artist's Studio," 1728, "Goblin Market," 1731-44
M, 23 Fallen Women Poetry (Blackboard); Dante Gabriel Rossetti, "Jenny" 1622-33
Th, 26 Elizabeth Gaskell, "Our Society at Cranford," 1432-47; Rudyard Kipling, "Without Benefit of Clergy," 1726-42; Paper #2
M, 30 W. T. Stead, "The Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon" (Blackboard); thesis for Paper #3; Panel 5


Th, 3 G. B. Shaw, Mrs. Warren's Profession, Acts 1 and 2 (Blackboard)
M, 7 G. B. Shaw, Mrs. Warren's Profession, Acts 3 and 4 (Blackboard); Panel 6
Th, 10 Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest, 1829-69
M, 14 Last day of class; Paper #3
Final Exam: Take home exam

1. Attendance. Regular attendance is required. More than four unexcused absences will lower your grade; six absences will drop you from the course. If you find it necessary to be absent, you may e-mail me your homework at Abiga52088@aol.com.

2. Be on time for class. Excessive lateness or early departure is strongly discouraged.

3. Have available in class the text scheduled for discussion.

4. Panel discussion: one presentation required, on the day assigned for it.

5. We will have discussions online. Homework will be posted online as well as announced in class. You must have a Hunter internet address.

6. Homework and in-class quizzes: in-class, written on the day's assigned reading and then read aloud; outside class, on assigned topics. Each homework assignment must be handed in or emailed to me on the day it is due.

7. Papers: three papers are required. YOUR PAPER IS DUE ON TIME; ITS FINAL MARK WILL BE LOWERED BY ONE FULL GRADE FOR EACH PERIOD IT IS LATE. Paper #1 is a research paper; Papers #2 and #3 involved literary analysis.

8. There will be a midterm exam and a final exam which will cover the work since the midterm.

9. Grading Policy: Paper 1 10%; Paper 2 15%; Paper 3 15%; Midterm Exam 15%; Final Exam 15%; Participation in class and online (including attendance), panel, 15%; homework, quizzes 15%.

"Hunter College regards acts of academic dishonesty (e.g., plagiarism, cheating on examinations, obtaining unfair advantage, and falsification of records and official documents) as serious offenses against the values of intellectual honesty. The college is committed to enforcing the CUNY Policy on Academic Integrity and will pursue cases of academic dishonesty according to the Hunter College Academic Integrity Procedures."

"In compliance with the American Disability Act of 1990 (ADA) and with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Hunter College is committed to ensuring educational parity and accommodations for all students with documented disabilities and/or medical conditions. It is recommended that all students with documented disabilities (Emotional, Medical, Physical and/or Learning) consult the Office of Accessibility located in Room 1124 East to secure necessary academic accommodations. For further information and assistance please call (212-772-4857) /TTY (212-650-3230)."

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