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One Page Poetry Circle Archive


September, 2011.

Welcome back to the One Page Poetry Circle at St. Agnes Branch Library!

Date: Tuesday, September 13, 2011
Time: 5:30 - 6:30 pm
Place: St. Agnes Branch Library, 444 Amsterdam Avenue (near 81st Street), 3rd Floor
Theme: Pain and Pleasure (pdf)

All are invited for an hour of authentic conversation about poems by established poets. There is no instructor and this is not a workshop for personal poems. Once a month OPPC gives everyone a place to become teachers and learners as we explore the form, content, language and meaning of poetry.

We are excited to begin the fall season on September 13th with the theme of Pain and Pleasure. All you have to do is bring a single page of poetry by a known author-with copies for others, if you can. Bring a poem that captures both pain and pleasure, or find a poem about one or the other. To get started on your search, try poetryfoundation.org or poets.org.

On pleasure and pain:

In A Defence of Poetry (1821), Percy Byssche Shelley writes that the poet "is more delicately organized than other men, and sensible to pain and pleasure, both his own and that of others, in a degree unknown to them...." It's hard to find fault with Shelley, yet maybe we are all aware of the feelings, whereas the poet has the skills to express them more acutely!

Honoré de Balzac thought that "pain is perhaps but a violent pleasure," and definitely, what begins as pleasure, like love, can often lead to pain.

This passage from John Keats's poem, Endymion (famous for its first line, "A thing of beauty is a joy for ever"), imagines pain as a sloth gnawing on a deer, although the sloth is actually a leaf-eater; however, this error does not detract from his harrowing description of pain:

Pleasure is oft a visitant; but pain
Clings cruelly to us, like the gnawing sloth
On the deer's tender haunches: late, and loth,
'Tis scar'd away by slow returning pleasure.

Here's our fall meeting lineup:

September 13: Pleasure and Pain
October 11: Numbers
November 8: A Poem in traditional form
December 13: Memory

We look forward to seeing you on September 13th. Bring a friend-all are welcome!


Abigail Burnham Bloom and AnnaLee Wilson

The One Page Poetry Circle is sponsored by the New York Public Library and is open to all. St. Agnes Branch Library is handicapped accessible.


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