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One Page Poetry Circle Archive


Welcome to the One Page Poetry Circle at St. Agnes Branch Library!

Date: Tuesday, November 14
Time: 5:30 - 6:30 pm
Place: St. Agnes Branch Library, 444 Amsterdam Avenue (near 81st Street), 3rd Floor
Theme: Poetry and Power (pdf)

Find a poem! Show up! Read a poem! Discuss a poem!

We're back for the tenth season of the One Page Poetry Circle where people gather to examine the works of established poets. While there's no instructor and this is not a workshop for personal writing, once a month OPPC gives everyone a place to become teachers and learners to explore the form, content, language and meaning of poetry. Since the circle started, participants have selected and discussed 1010 poems and have read countless others in pursuit of poetry that speaks to them.

Power is everywhere: the power of poetry, the power of anything and everyone to change our world and ourselves. In Madge McKeithen's memoir, Blue Peninsula, the author finds that the power in poetry's messages gives her strength to cope with a son's illness. The poet Wallace Stevens believed poetry had the power to take us beyond religion. In "The Power of Words" by Letitia Elizabeth Landon, she ponders the effect of "a breath of passing air"

  • 'Tis a strange mystery, the power of words!
  • Life is in them, and death. A word can send
  • The crimson colour hurrying to the cheek.
  • Hurrying with many meanings; or can turn
  • The current cold and deadly to the heart.
  • Anger and fear are in them; grief and joy
  • Are on their sound; yet slight, impalpable:—
  • A word is but a breath of passing air.

In an excerpt from "Power" by Adrienne Rich, the poet conflates multiple meanings of her title:

  • Today I was reading about Marie Curie:
  • she must have known she suffered from radiation sickness
  • her body bombarded for years by the element
  • she had purified
  • It seems she denied to the end
  • the source of the cataracts on her eyes
  • the cracked and suppurating skin of her finger-ends
  • till she could no longer hold a test-tube or a pencil
  • She died a famous woman denying
  • her wounds
  • denying
  • her wounds came from the same source as her power

We take a broad approach to our themes. Whether a poem is literally about power, uses the word "power" in its title or lines, or is tied to a theme of power, the poem should have meaning for you. Can't locate a poem you want to bring? Look through a poetry book at the library or check out Poetry Foundation or poets.org.

Please blog with us at onepagepoetrycircle.wordpress.com.

Fall 2017 Schedule
November 14: Poetry and Power
December 12: Poetry and Windows

Abigail Burnham Bloom and
AnnaLee Wilson

The One Page Poetry Circle is sponsored by the New York Public Library and is open to all. St. Agnes Branch Library is handicap accessible.


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